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About Us

Cratio is a software product development company based in Chennai, India. We develop Cloud & Mobile CRM software, the solution are offered to clients as SaaS (Software as Service). Our registered office is in Chennai & we service customers in India & Abroad.

Company Milestone:
Jun, 2009 - Started As Cratio with 10 Employees
Jan, 2011 - Launched SaaS CRM Software & Won Initial Clients
Jun, 2013 - Registred As Cratio Software Private Limited Company
Mar, 2014 - Crossed 100+ Paying Customers & Turned Profitable
Today - 1000+ Customers in Almost All Industries & Sizes.

Our Values

  1. Provide superior product & services at affordable cost to customers.
  2. Maintain ethics, values & commitments in all interactions.
  3. Focus on customer success thereby creating business growth & profitability.

Our Valuable Customers

We have 1000+ Customers Across India and almost all Industry Verticals. We have clients from large enterprise & small/medium enterprises.

Partial List of Customers:

Please click here to know more about our clients.

Cloud Facilities & Infrastructure

We host our solution in Amazon Web Services ( Amazon is world leader in cloud computing infrastructure & provides most advanced, robust, secure cloud servers. All our cloud servers are designed for High Availability (HA) backed with elastic backup servers and data are replicated and backed up at different geographies. Our dedicated cloud infra team makes sure that the system is up & running always.

Data Security:

Our cloud servers has world class safety & security features

  • Physical security: Identity, access management, firewalls & hardware based cryptographic keys
  • Data safety: All servers have elastic load balancers, data replication, multi-tenancy db design/insulation & multi geographic availability zones.
  • Data security: Data Encrypted at Storage level, SSL Bank Grade Security on Data Transfer
  • Security Compliance: ISO 27001,DoD CSM,PCI DSS & Other global security standard compliant.

Refer our cloud server security whitepaper for detailed review of our data security policy here.

Product Technology & Architecture

Web Side

We use HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, Cloud MySQL technologies for our core products. The back-end application server is optimized to work for cloud, multi tenancy & database connections are optimized for large scale distributed data processing. Our core CRM product suite is developed through an Application builder such that future customization can be done with less time & efforts.

Mobile Side

We use jquery mobile based hybrid mobile apps with cordova. Our mobile apps are optimized for offline performance and works on Android & Apple mobile & tablet devices. Our core CRM product suite is developed through an Application builder such that future customization can be done with less time & efforts.