The first step to any successful business venture is the creation of the leads. Managing the leads requires expertise. This is where the Lead Management Software programs make their presence felt. Let us look at the essential features of a quality Lead management Software.

Lead Automation

The biggest benefit of any lead management software is the automatic capturing of the leads. This system captures and forwards the leads to the CRM inbox from where the distribution and assignment takes place.

Lead Assignment

There are various departments in any company. You need specialists to handle each job. The lead management software makes your job of assigning the leads to the right person an easy job.

Lead Scoring

Every lead might not actually end in conversion. Some leads have a greater chance of a conversion into business. Hence, ranking the leads depending on the value it lends to the organization is important. This can help in prioritizing the leads.

Lead Prioritization

It is very important to rank your leads in order of their quality. The lead management software programs do this process automatically based on the sales readiness of the leads. This can help you to focus on the right leads.

Lead Activities Planning

Planning your leads activities is important in order to convert them into sales. This automation software plans your follow up calls and visits. Generate activity updates and analyze your automatic sales reports with this lead management software.

Lead Report and Tracking

You need to have accurate reports so that you are able to analyze the quality of the leads. This automatic software generates accurate sales reports whereby you get a true picture of what is happening to your business from these leads. This facility can also help you to track your sales team via GPS or otherwise. Analyzing the productivity of your sales team becomes easy with this software.

Lead Email SMS and Voice Communication

Effective communication is the key to any business. Your customers as well as your sales team require email alerts. This system enables the communication channels by sending lead email SMS as well as voice messages. The CRM software enables you to use Cloud Telephony Integration so that you are in touch with your customers directly.

Avoid Lead Leakage

Generating leads is difficult. Converting these leads is a tough task as well. Under such circumstances, one should take care to avoid any leakage of leads. That can have dangerous repercussions because it can result in loss of business opportunities. A good lead management software system takes care of this aspect as well.

Ability to work offline

One has to be ready at all times when it comes to capturing leads and converting them into business. An effective CRM package should have the facility to work in the offline mode in order to qualify as a success program.

Integration with other systems

Any lead management software system should be compatible with other software systems. This integration is very important for successful conversion of leads into business.

You have just seen the ten essential features any lead management software should have. It is necessary to be ahead of your peers. Hence, installing the right software should be your priority.

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