Manage. Prioritize. Focus

That’s the agenda. Manage your sales funnel, prioritize sales activities, and focus on better results. Sales funnel management is nothing but a sales pipeline or representation that helps you put together steps of lead generation. It gives you a complete analysis of your workflow and about the potential clients or prospects in each block of the sales cycle. Sales funnel software makes your work easier by giving you a larger picture of the whole scenario. It tells you at which point you need to pay attention to meet your goals.

You may wonder, what is the need for sales funnel management software? It is required because sometimes even the finest of salespeople miss this part. If they fail to manage sales funnel effectively, then they miss targets, hence, losing potential clients. Let me frame a situation here. You can’t always convert leads to clients instantly, so you have to nurture and pass through entire sales funnel to win customers. However, if the salesperson is not able to manage every stage of the sales funnels with care, then you lose some really great opportunities.

Cratio is a CRM solution that helps you in sales funnel management. You can gain new sales opportunities and efficiently handle old ones. The sales funnel software by Cratio includes various funnel modules like ‘opportunities’ for tracking potential clients, ‘expected close date’ to figure out win/loss status, and much more like proposal status, win/loss analysis, the value of opportunity, and activity history. In short, with our solution, you can track your overall lead generation, and effectively focus on the loose points.

What Do We Offer?

Sales Lead and Opportunity Management

 The software helps you handle leads and convert them to opportunities.

  • For leads that instantly convert to opportunities, you don’t have to fidget with the software. You can simply convert these leads to opportunities in one click.
  • Customize stages. Customization of any software is required, as every business has different needs and requirements. So a software that adjusts to your requirements is truly worthwhile.
  • Analyze your sales graph on a monthly or quarterly basis, and make better decisions.
  • Examine your sales funnel, figure out leads in every stage, and attain better lead conversion ratio.
  • At times when you lose track of time and want to figure out how much time it took to convert a lead into opportunity, Cratio’s sales funnel software lets you check opportunity history.
  • Document management is a crucial task, sometimes you lose them and fall into a situation from where you cannot recover. With our sales funnel software, you can store documents and customer records.
  • Some leads are more important than others. Set your priorities straight and increase your sales conversion.
  • Send professional quotes and maintain products rates all at one place.

Sales Funnel Management Tracking

Track every activity with our sales funnel software. Sales calls, updates on pending activities, and lead to progress. Additionally, you can also set reminders for various activities, obtain daily or weekly plans, and evaluate sales and productivity reports.

Reports and Analysis of Sales Opportunities

Analysis of opportunities is one of the major activity that is carried out by the sales team from time to time. This is done to obtain progress data and examine business growth. With our software, you can view user wise opportunities, activity reports, sales funnel reports, etc.

Sales funnel management software aids you to set clear goals, track activities, manage documents, and measure lead conversion progress. Do not let great opportunities slip away just because you failed to adopt sales funnel software earlier. Contact us today; our team will assist you through the process.

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