Real Estate Property Sales & Bookings Management

Qualify, Prioritize, Engage & Improve Sales Closures.

Real Estate Sales & Bookings Management Module has all required features for managing a qualified lead and moving towards sales closure. Managers can view all hot deals along with activities, expected close date & values as the deal progresses.

  • Convert Leads to Bookings
  • Sales Forecast with Value
  • Sales Funnel with Probability
  • Win/Loss Analysis with Details
  • Customer Meetings & Notes
  • Closure & Payments

Real Estate Sales Booking Management

sales lead management

Lead to Booking Conversion

Convert your qualified leads to Bookings with stages in single click
sales funnel management

Booking Stages with Value

Customize Booking Stages as per your business needs & maintain value.
opportunity ageing reports

Opportunity Ageing Reports

Opportunity that are not updated for the last 3 days & beyond are shown with ageing details.