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Indiamart Lead Automation with Cratio CRM

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Cratio CRM Automatic Lead Capture from Indiamart

CRM Integration with Indiamart

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.” These are the words of the famous Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu. This statement is absolutely true in today’s business environment as well. The first step towards concluding any deal in business is the initial lead. Capturing the initial lead is important.

Indiamart does not need any introduction at all. They have a reputation of being India’s largest online marketplace engaged in the business of connecting buyers with suppliers. Any successful business enterprise would love to capture the leads from Indiamart automatically into their system. You need appropriate software to do the same. Cratio CRM is the software you can rely on to convert the “leads” into “deals.”

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Cratio CRM Indiamart Integration

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Let us see how the Indiamart Lead Automation software works to your benefit.

  • This software will generate an automatic lead whenever you receive a trade enquiry on Indiamart.
  • At the same time, your lead will receive an automatic email response /SMS that includes the details of your products and the services you offer. Naturally, it will contain your contact details as well.
  • In the meanwhile, your sales team will get the details of the lead to enable them to initiate the follow-up process.
  • This is an automatic process whereby you can reach out to your lead in the fastest manner possible.
  • You have the data stored in your CRM system. Hence, accessing the same for further follow-up through email or SMS should not be difficult.
  • There is no danger of losing the lead information because the system ensures to add the data to the centralized CRM base.

Remember, the early bird gets the worm. Hence, prompt action is of utmost importance in any lead conversion exercise. The Cratio “Automatic Lead Capture from Indiamart” CRM software ensures that you get your leads automatically. Cratio helps you take the first step. Converting the leads into deals depends on your expertise.

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