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“Open Seasame”.These are the words that Alibaba speaks when he ventures into the cave of treasures. We are referring to the mythical Alibaba of the Arabian Nights fame. In reality, you have an Alibaba as well. Who is the Alibaba we are referring to? This is the Chinese eCommerce giant that has a larger presence than Walmart. They have declared a higher sales volume than eBay and Amazon put together. Would you not love to be associated with such a giant?

Any successful business enterprise would love to capture the leads from Alibaba automatically into their system. You need appropriate software to do the same. Cratio CRM is the software you can rely on to convert the “leads” into “deals.”

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Alibaba integration with crm software

Cratio CRM Alibaba Integration

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Remember, the early bird gets the worm. Hence, prompt action is of utmost importance in any lead conversion exercise. The Cratio “Automatic Lead Capture from Alibaba” CRM software ensures that you get your leads automatically. Cratio helps you take the first step. Converting the leads into deals depends on your expertise.

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