CRM Software

 CRM Software was basically designed to help business build and maintain the relationship with new and existing customers. Now CRM software has evolved from simple contact management system into a robust tool that lets you manage sales, marketing, employee tracking, reporting. It has become a one-shot accessible solution for all your business needs.

Why do you need CRM Software?

CRM is an efficient tool for business which has an extensive sales team in it. It makes the life of the sales team easier by making them do the job in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Although all the business can benefit from CRM software, it is best suited for business which fulfils the below criteria

  • Having extensive contact management system.
  • Require tools to capture sales data and execute it.
  • Require tool for tracking field staff.
  • Need to improve customer support and management.

CRM for Small Business

With the pricing points and affordability remains an issue for startups and small business, CRATIO Software is a wonderful option for small business. It is very easy to use for small-scale businesses just starting out with CRM. The pricing is very affordable and flexible for small-scale businesses.

CRM Software is very user-friendly and supports customization and integration with third-party applications.

Small-scale businesses must understand that CRM software can help them in more than one way.

Sales Management

Integrating your CRM with accounting software can help you forecast sales with better accuracy. It increases the sales productivity and has all the sales data in one place.

Customer Details

All the customer details can be stored in one place. Past data of customer, email conversations can be stored in a single place. This improves the customer relationship and helps you establish long-term bonding with the customer.

Lead Management

Lead Management helps you manage your leads and classify them into various categories.

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