Automatic Email and SMS Communications from CRM System

Communication dominates every type of business. A communication gap with the customers or clients leads to errors, delay in work progress, and missed deadlines. One good way to communicate is through Cratio’s CRM mass email service. You can send automated mass email and SMS to your potential clients and customers. The software also lets you create templates and schedule emails.

With our CRM mass email service, you can ensure that your clients receive relevant data on time. Do have a huge customer base, and you are worried about the number of emails your team has to send out manually? Well, Cratio’s CRM solution assists you in this task. You can now automate email in CRM, and the relevant information will be sent out automatically.

Benefits of automatic email/SMS in CRM

  • Send out emails to all the customers in one go. Hence, saving a lot of time.
  • Create custom email lists according to your requirements, based on purchasing, geography, or any other basis criteria.
  • Schedule emails for a later time, so that you don’t have to worry about staying back to work. Put your convenience first.
  • Your customers even get an option to opt out of mass email list. Thus, ensuring your customers are not bothered.
  • Cratio’s automatic email service gives you a lot of perks, the software is highly user-friendly, convenient, and robust. You can literally send out emails in a few clicks. Additionally, you also get the benefit of feasible costing and zero overhead. You just have to contact us, and our team will take care of the rest.