With the introduction of the customer relationship management (CRM) software, businesses and mostly their sales departments have greatly improved their effectiveness. Sales CRM Software makes your job much easier. The thing is that the different software offers different features; therefore we established a list of 6 most important features you should look for when deciding on a Sales CRM.

Automatic Lead Capture

An efficient Sales CRM Software will capture the lead automatically, assign it to a particular staff member and even send a greeting email/sms to customer. This is essential feature as manual lead entry are error prone and often pave way to lead leakage.

Sales CRM Software Funnel & Pipeline

Sales funnel allows you to navigate and notice all sorts of information quite quickly which allows you to make faster decisions. The Sales CRM will allow you to customize each sales stage and to be able to navigate quicker when filtering by category, tag or color for example. Sales funnel is critical to focus on the priority leads that may move to conversion faster. Also manager can view his/her team members sales funnel in real time to identify sales issues.

Sales Activities

Make sure that all of your sales team is on the same page and improve their efficiency by utilising the activity planner feature. It is the best way to manage meetings, events and the overall schedule of each member of your team. It will allow your team to adjust to both each other and their clients quickly and have the right amount of time to prepare for meetings in order to convert that new lead.

And if that is not enough, you could remind your team with an email or SMS with a few clicks.


The more information your analytics gives you the better as it will quite significantly boost your performance. It is probably the best tool a Sales CRM could provide. You will be able to view the results of your team for a particular time frame and compare them to a previous period or compared the sales metrics inside of them. All of this is what enables you to make precise decisions and increase your productivity and efficiency.

Email & SMS Alerts

Outbound email service allows you to send emails directly to leads and customers from the Sales CRM Software. The main benefit is not that it makes the communication process faster, but that the personalised email is linked to the customer’s profile which makes the data quite organised. The system can send automatic emails & sms to customers based on predefined criteria.

Pivot Reports

Those features would provide you with a numerous amount of data such as the source wise leads, user wise opportunity pipeline, branch wise sales performance, etc. Pivot reports are essential to drill down the data and see relevant information with right context.

Those are essential features a Sales CRM Software could provide, but there are many more to review. In fact, there are so many different features that it would be impossible to cover them all in a single article; however, we hope to have made your decision clearer.

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